LBN Podcast #4 - Spartan Cox

We host Spartan CB on our 4th episode.

We present to you the fourth episode of LBN Podcasts series in partnership with Focus Hoops.

This time we host the well organised team: Spartan .

Team manager/founder/captain/"point forward" Argyris Psychogyios & coach John Kottis detail the captivating story behind their name, their meticulous efforts to run a proffessional organisation on an amateur level, their journey into London Basketball Nation and much more to our beloved host Darren Paul Foulkes.



Stay tuned for an bonus episode with Spartan's staff and our expert Darren Paul talking about British Basketball, ideas, plans and more.

10/07/2020 - Update

The time has come, here is the encore from the Spartan discussing British Basketball discussing British Basketball with FocusHoops host, Darren Paul.