Preseason 20/21

Update September 15th

We have postponed our first payment deadline to September 28th in order to secure venues before accepting any kind of payment. Our venues will be in Zone 1 and 2.



After some months of painful inactivity, we're happy to announce that our Preseason tournament will run from October 2020 to December 2020. This is our effort to help teams get back in shape, aiming to reach a competitive level to face our 2021 Winter Season next year.

You can find the full information below:

As per the above outline, we're aiming to have 8 teams for this tournament, but if demand exceeds that number and we feel we can safely accommodate them, we might add more teams to the tournament. This will not change the price, amount of games or days the games are played.

As we can't extend the tournament past December 2020 (so it won't overlap with the 2021 Winter Season), this might mean that your team won't play againt some of the other participating teams. If this was the case, we'll do our best to make it fair for everyone.

Most of our teams are actively recruiting players. If you're a player that's looking for a team to play in, we recommend that you become a Free Agent. That way, you'll be able to contact teams doing tryouts, and teams will be able to reach out to you.

If your team is interested please contact us at [email protected] for further information. We will prioritise teams that played with us during Winter Season 2019/20, but we always welcome new teams!

Any questions on the Preseason 2021? Check our FAQs section or drop us an email at  [email protected]

Calculate your costs!

As a helping tool to calculate the cost for your team and players, we've included a calculator below.

Please enter the number of players on your team and click "Calculate".


Please note that the prices above only take the regular season (7 games) into account. Your team will have 1 or 2 more games should it make the playoffs (semi-finals and finals), which is already included in the total sum!
We don’t charge extra costs for playoffs or sign in protest.