Preseason 2021 FAQs

The answers to your Preseason 2021 questions in one place.


🏀 Preseason 2021

- Why a Preseason?
We can´t wait to return to play! We know how necessary physical activity is for people's general wellbeing, but we also know how important is to do is the right way
First of all, teams need to get back in shape both mentally and physically. Even if you never stopped training, playing at a competitive level is demanding and rushing things out can result in injuries.
Secondly, we also need to take into consideration the evolution of COVID-19 situation and its impact in indoor or group competitions.

- Will there be a regular season?
Yes, there will be a regular season in 2021 as long as indoor competitions are allowed. 
Winter League 19/20 and Preseason 2021 standings will be taken into account if we need to divide teams into divisions for the Regular Season 2021.

🏀 COVID-19 

- Is it safe to return to play?
Basketball England, along with other stakeholders, has released a phased Return to Play Guide aligned with Government’s social distancing rules. From 3rd August 2020, we are currently at “Level 2” of their 5-level Return to Play Roadmap. 

- What does "Level 2" mean?*

  • Maximum of 30 people per court including players, coaches, support staff and officials. Ensure two adults are present at all practices involving under-18s.
  • No spectators are permitted at this stage.
  • Everyone should complete our pre-training/competition screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken outside the venue prior to be permitted entry.
  • Full compliance with hygiene considerations including hand sanitiser on entry, regular disinfecting of heavily used areas.
  • Coaches, team managers, medical staff must wear face masks
  • Practice in small groups or ‘bubbles’ in training whenever possible, with groups working together throughout the session to reduce risk of transmission.
  • Contact training should be limited to 20-minute intervals with clear breaks to clean down equipment.
  • Social distancing rules apply if not on the court in a playing capacity. During game play, players must be socially distanced on benches/chairs when not in a playing capacity and time-outs must be conducted on the court ensuring players are adequately spaced.
  • To lower the frequency of bodily contact, players/teams must have no handshakes, celebrations/high fives.
  • Shouting is not permitted in the sports hall due to the increased risk of aerosol transmission.
  • No congregating once training, or game has ended.
  • Clear signage must be established at the venue to ensure a singular flow of people in and out of the venue.
  • We are advising clubs to return slowly to competition rather than risk injury to players who have not played basketball for a number of months. Following Basketball England’s 8-Week Athletic Development Programme would help to reduce the risks.

- What is allowed?* 
Drills, skills, team-based training; behind-closed-doors competition.

- Can indoor venues reopen?*
Yes, they are allowed to. But the final decision rests with the owner/operator of the venue. Because of this, multiple venues have decided not to reopen for 2020.

- Does the new social distancing rules introduced by the Government on September 14th affect Basketball?
Basketball England confirmed that basketball is exempt from new social distancing rules set to start on Monday 14th as an approved organised team sport. BE continues to operate at Level 2 of our Return to Play Roadmap. 

-What are the safety measures LBN is taking to make the return to play safe?

LBN will do their best to comply with Basketball England and Government advice. That means:

  1. Request players to do an individual self-screening before the game
  2. Perform a screening on-site (venue) before allowing players to enter the court (temperature check and questionnaire in accordance with BE Return to Play Roadmap - Appendix 3: Basketball England COVID-19 Screening Document)
  3. Attendance check: we will register everyone’s attendance and keep it for the requested time in order to get in touch with them in case a COVID-19 case comes to our attention. 
  4. Request people to wear PPE whenever necessary: Players will have to wear a mask outside the court (when entering the building and leaving). They can remove their masks when playing.
  5. Staff, coaches and officials will have to wear a mask at all times if not exempted.
  6. Social distancing to everyone not playing (including players in the bench)
  7. No spectators
  8. Avoid all unnecessary contact (handshakes, high-fives, etc)


-  If someone had COVID-19, is it safe for that person to go back to play?
According to Basketball England’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Dane Vishnubala, if a person was affected they  “should likely be looking at 4 weeks before return to sport/high level exercise as a minimum. If the heart is affected or inflamed (a condition known as myocarditis), then it may need to be as long as 3 months and would need specialist input.
“Based on various papers and discussions with other doctors in other sports, my advice would be to ensure that 7 days clear of all symptoms before perhaps initially starting with walking and building up speed and time before slowly progressing over the 4 weeks back to full exercise.”

You can read more about it here. Each player and staff member is responsible for their decision of going back to play. We encourage anyone who is not feeling well to consult a doctor before going back to court, better be safe than sorry when it comes to health.

-  What happens in the case of a new outbreak?
Prioritizing health and good communication are the pillars of our activity. This means we will follow Basketball England´s advice, and keep everyone updated in case of cancellations. 

🏀 Basketball England Memberships

- When do I need to get a Basketball England (BE) Membership and why?
Every player, coach and official must be registered with BE as our governing body before they can participate in a game of basketball. As a member of Basketball England, you are protected by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance whenever taking part in activities authorised by Basketball England.
Basketball England also offers other benefits as part of their membership, you can check them out here.

- When does the membership and licence period start and end?
The membership runs from 1st September to 31st August. The National League licences will run from 1st September to 31st May.

- I do not have a membership, how can I get one?
You will need to sign up to Basketball England’s Membership Portal. Once there, you will have to enter your details, upload your picture and pay the 15-pound cost by card.
You can either follow these steps or contact LBN Staff and we will assist you in the process.

- I have a membership, can I renew it?
If you had a valid membership but it has expired, you can renew it by following the steps indicated here.

🏀 Cancellation policy

- What happens if the Government enforces another lockdown or restricts indoor sports?
We will keep everyone updated in case of cancellations. LBN will either reschedule or refund fees. Refunds will be subject to refund conditions and processing times of the venues we hired. We will not be able to refund money from services already provided (games played; processing fees; money that was not refunded from venues) Money from other expenses such as officials payments will be refunded. We are in this together, if we get the money back, you will get it back as well.

- What happens if I miss a game?
Whenever possible, we will reschedule games. If there is no time left to reschedule, we will refund the team for that game, as long as they have followed the recommendations and given enough notice according to cancellation policies. Specific cancellation times depend on each venue and will be informed to participating teams before paying and joining the activity. 
Still have some questions? Suggestions? Contact us at [email protected].





*Source: Basketball England Website.