LBN Winter League 19/20 | Regular Season Recap

Revisiting the memorable moments of our first winter basketball league

Curtain closed on the  inaugural winter season of London Basketball Nation  this past March. After a blazing  summer league, we endeavoured to reach greater heights with this tournament. In 54 total games played; over 150 players, 50 officials, and 5 venues were featured. We were lucky enough to not have our regular season cut short by coronavirus and only had to postpone the playoffs until further notice in an effort to decelerate its spread.


LBN, London’s newly formed amateur basketball league, hosted 8 valuable teams from all over the town: gritty Finsbury Bulls White, crowded Viesulas BC, talented London 3nD, well-disciplined Spartan CB, versatile London Commodores, experienced Southside Titans, fiery Finsbury Bulls Red, and unpredictable London Hotshots. It was a healthy mix of long-established teams with glorious histories and newcomers with high ambitions.


First Half

Week 1

Season tipped off with impressive team displays by London Commodores and Spartan CB, registering comfortable victories while newer teams of the league struggled with player attendance early on. Southside Titans scored the first upset of the season by ousting their Lithuanian nemesis and London 3nD showed us flashes of brilliance in their win.


Player of the Week: Louis Fawl (London Commodores)


Team of the Week: Southside Titans


Week 2

Viesulas BC picked up their first win against a much-improved London Hotshots team that gave us a glimpse of brighter days. London Commodores added to the troubles of Finsbury Bulls White with a remarkable performance and Spartan came through against Finsbury Bulls Red in the second half of a competitive game. Final fixture of the week witnessed a dizzying show put on by London 3nD and their proficient jump shooting.


Player of the Week: Ata Otaran (Spartan CB)


Team of the Week: London 3nD


Week 3

Close but no cigar  for London Hotshots. They went into the 4th quarter down by 20 in their battle against London Commodores, but their heroic comeback fell just short. The Spartans were handed their first loss of the season by stellar guard rotation of Viesulas BC. London 3nD and Southside Titans also emerged triumphant in their matchups, leaving Finsbury Bulls Red and Finsbury Bulls White winless for another week.


Player of the Week: Benjamin Wright (London 3nD)


Team of the Week: Viesulas BC


Week 4

The brotherly love translated into a defensive clash and Finsbury Bulls White escaped with the W, keeping their record perfect (2-0) against Finsbury Bulls Red. Jordan Maughan (London 3nD) put on a shooting clinic and Cameron Lee (London Commodores) smothered the Viesulas guards for both teams to remain unbeaten. Spartan CB logged in a big victory against Southside Titans in a rescheduled game.


Player of the Week: Luca Moscattini (Finsbury Bulls White)


Team of the Week: Finsbury Bulls White


Week 5

LBN recorded its first overtime game in a thriller between Spartan CB and London Commodores with the former vanquishing the latter and giving them the sweet taste of loss. Southside Titans took care of business and Finsbury Bulls White made it two wins in a row with a 4th quarter comeback. Final game of the week was a breathtaking 30-point annihilation by London 3nD, led by their  all-star  PF Marvin Simms.


Player of the Week: Ruben Saiz Colon (Southside Titans)


Team of the Week: Spartan CB


Week 6

The usual suspects were at it again as London 3nD, London Commodores, and Viesulas BC all added another number to the win column with the new sheriff in town 3nD improving to 6-0 on the season. The encounter between two winless teams, Finsbury Bulls Red and London Hotshots, lived up to the hype. Bulls Red came out on top with a 15-point victory in a game where scoreboard didn’t do justice to now-less-erratic Hotshots.


Player of the Week: Odysseas Papaioannou-Turner (Finsbury Bulls Red)


Team of the Week: Finsbury Bulls Red


Week 7

A true basketball showdown between two giants highlighted the week as the first half of our season came to a close. London Commodores defeated the seemingly invincible London 3nD in a collective team effort and made a strong statement as title chasers. Spartan and Southside Titans also concluded their first half run on a positive note with tight wins.


Player of the Week: Eduardo Rodriguez (London Commodores)


Team of the Week: London Commodores


Second Half

Week 8

We began the second half with a pleasant surprise - London Hotshots earned their long overdue first win of the season against Southside Titans. They surmounted their attendance issues and this upgrade immediately paid off as a W. London 3nD suffered an unexpected loss against Viesulas led by their new addition Ligitas Kairys, which allowed London Commodores to reclaim the top spot in the table.


Player of the Week: Dimitrios Vardouniotis (London Hotshots)


Team of the Week: London Hotshots


Week 9

This week featured the very first game-winning buzzer-beater in LBN history by Benjamin Wright of London 3nD as they saw off Spartan CB. In other news, London Hotshots proved their Week 8 win was not a  fluke  by remaining perfect in the second half of the season. London Commodores made no mistakes and problems kept piling up for the Southside Titans after they dropped their matchup to Viesulas BC.


Player of the Week: Edvinas Nurutdinovas (Viesulas BC)


Team of the Week: London 3nD


Week 10

After going 0-2 in the second half, Southside Titans got back on track with a superb triumph against Spartan and resuscitated their playoff hopes. Finsbury Bulls Red set the record straight with their sibling club for their 3rd win of the season. Both London Commodores and London 3nD scored lopsided victories to put the league on notice. This week’s results left the two prominent teams all alone at the top of standings.


Player of the Week: Giorgio Lambru (Southside Titans)


Team of the Week: Finsbury Bulls Red


Week 11

The long-anticipated matchup between London Commodores and London 3nD was anticlimactic due to key absences on 3nD’s roster. While this mishap deprived us of the opportunity of a legendary clash, the dominant Commodores win left us craving for more Marco v Jeremiah, more Rob v Ben, more Ale v Tyrone. The other game of the week was a convincing London Hotshots victory over Finsbury Bulls Red. Two other matchups had to be  cancelled due to the viral outbreak.


Team of the Week: London Commodores


Week 12

There were no upsets this week as title contenders London Commodores, London 3nD, Spartan, and Viesulas BC all cruised through their games. Both  Finsbury Bulls clubs  gave their adversaries a good run for their money but couldn’t finish them off in the end. Playoff hopes faded even more for the valiant Southside Titans.


Player of the Week: Aurimas Burokas (Viesulas BC)


Team of the Week: Spartan CB


Week 13

Another OT roller coaster between Spartan CB and London Commodores, this time with a different outcome. Robert Milner dominated on both ends of the floor and the clutch defence of Commodores was too much to handle for the brave Spartans. Viesulas BC was dragged back into the playoff race as London Hotshots burned them with their own Lithuanian firepower.


Player of the Week: Matas Raciunas (London Hotshots)


Team of the Week: London Hotshots


Week 14

The grand introduction of Alex Ozdamar of London 3nD right before the playoffs. He propelled his team to 108 points against Finsbury Bulls Red - a record breaking scoring performance. Southside Titans and London Hotshots both squandered a lead in the last quarter versus London Commodores and Spartan CB respectively, and their wins slipped away in dramatic fashion. Viesulas BC took full advantage and clinched their spot in the playoffs.


Player of the Week: Alex Ozdamar (London 3nD)


Team of the Week: Viesulas BC


All is said and done for the regular season of LBN Winter League 19/20.

Here’s our playoff pictured:
(1) London Commodores v (4) Viesulas BC
(2) London 3nD v (3) Spartan CB

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, we decided to cancel the Winter League 19/20 Playoffs

We’re hoping to be back with a bang as soon as the dust settles on the coronavirus pandemic. Carrying over our positivity and optimism from a smooth and successful first ever regular winter season into the swift improvement of a global disease that’s put all leisure activities in the back burner. We miss basketball as much as you do. Ben’s fadeaways, Ale’s pace, Nacho’s leadership, Coach JK’s coffee, Bulls Ruben’s camera, Aurimas’fancy assists, Marvin’s dunks, Dimitrios’crossovers, Marco’s sharp tongue, Luca’s emphatic blocks, Titans Ruben’s mid-range, Ligitas’tattoos, Paula’s fierceness, Antonis’tardiness, David’s flair, Jose’s fundamentals,   Jeremiah’s threes… we deeply miss all of it.


And we promise you: LBN will be back! Sending our love to all of you.